Four ways to keep your company in the spotlight

There are many ways you can consistently attract people to your brand especially in an age of too much choice. We have listed below are four marketing collateral you ought to have when shining a spotlight on your company.

  1. Business cards
    unless the person you interact with does need your services, anything generic will get stuffed away. Having a uniquely designed card makes the difference between a callback and having your card gather dust. In a digital age, it’s easy to assume that no one needs cards- they are perfect because they allow others to know where to get more information about you before they decide to give you a call. Always include the website and social media handles. Even if they don’t require your services, if you make a lasting impression, they will likely refer someone else to you.
  2. Social media images
    when posting images on social media, adding a touch of your brand’s personality is essential. When done over time, your audience won’t have to look at your handle to know what company it is. You can start by selecting photos or images that best align with what you do and use a watermark, font, or color that matches your other marketing materials. Remember to use the same type of images across all your social channels. You should only tweak the size, not the content. You can have a template made to save time.

The same should apply to your videos, signage, presentation slides, gift cards and other graphics and collateral. Your brand should be the same both off and online.

  1. Branded materials
    For the most part, online businesses don’t focus on this aspect, but they could do a lot to boost your brand. Offering branded merchandise to loyal customers or clients at the end of a financial year or during holidays is a great way to get the word out about your company in more traditional spaces. They are not as prominent as they were ten years ago, especially in the age of coupons and discounts, but they are still a tangible and straightforward way of creating brand awareness. It could be mugs, Bluetooth speakers or bags; find out what works best for you
  2. Email signatures
    if you’re a personal injury lawyer Toronto has, given there could be many; the email signature is another place people come into contact with your brand. Apart from your name, include the logo and links to your social handles and website. You can place a link to a short video about what you do should you have one.




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