When it became time to propose a solution, I have what I call “mobile conversation” This meeting is very simple and goes something like this:
“It developed an online pass access your desktop. Mobile phones and tablets are experiencing very rapid adoption. I had the opportunity to review your traffic stats and it appears that you currently have X % of its traffic from mobile devices. ‘re Aware of that”?
“No, not really”.
“It’s always good to have information. There are two main directions you can go with mobile support for your business: 1 We can be your mobile compatible site. Were you to a website where you can view all versions of the desktop, then you should pinch to find the right key and the link? ”
“Yeah, it’s really annoying! ”
“At least you ‘ll at least your site is compatible, which costs the least. # 2 build your website “answer “, which means that your site will actually mean the environment, no matter if the phone or tablet. Allow me to show you the difference between them on the phone”.
“I like the one that is easier”.
“I agree, I think that customers prefer to use this one too. ”
Web designers too leave “responsive design websites”, which is the area element of the work and will never talk about its importance and what it really means for the company, their customer.
Usually add at least 50-100% of the design and construction of parts of my projects to a hot spot. And from my experience, my clients were happy to pay for the additional work.
I invite you to use this method in your web design company to see how it changes your relationship with the explanation, webdesign match your potential customer. At the end of the day, it is important only if it helps you create value and, on the other hand, adding additional revenue for your business website.